is more than just a marketing company — they align themselves with people and products they believe in and take meaningful action to generate success.

aaf works with their businesses partners to implement the processes and digital infrastructure needed to succeed.

We accomplish this by creating visions, designing brands, producing original content, building web assets, and by developing and implementing marketing strategies that drive measurable performance at any stage.

In June twenty-seventeen, Dane and Greg had both felt underutilized and un-heard in their current positions. Based on what they had seen and heard from businesses across the island, they recognised an opportunity to help businesses stand out online. To them, using their talents to help others succeed was the most fucking aloha thing they could do.

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The Team

Greg has been interested in all things business, marketing, and product development from a young age — at age 7 he was cruelly rejected by Lego for his Chocolate Legos proof of concept letter.

His zeal for his occupation lies in the satisfaction derived through practicing the art of business; namely, bringing thoughts into existence through design, focus, rhetoric and the force of will.

Excels at: Making shit happen, seeing the big picture, finding solutions.

Sucks at: Being patient, going to bed on time.

Interested in: Continual improvement, stoic philosophy, intentional living, audio books, new experiences, adventure travel.

Under development.

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