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The world of digital marketing can be at once simple to conseptualize but exceedingly complicated to develop, maintain, and improve. Every business needs a comprehensive evaluation of their marketing strategy or they are leaving potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Digital marketing takes many forms. Your digital marketing broadly refers to anywhere you have an online presence: your website, social media profiles, email, and your Facebook and Google PPC ads. What we’ll be discussing is an active form of digital marketing where you can track and attribute your campaign success down to the last cent.

Using Google ads platform businesses have an average 200% return on investment while this Facebook Ads case study saw a 450% ROI.

Many businesses have a website and social media profiles filled with great content, great hashtags, and they get lots of likes, but that’s where they stop. Content creation and social media are great ways to build your brand reputation, but they are mostly passive marketing tactics.

Active marketing involves implementing a sales funnel strategy to effectively grow your business. A successful sales funnel usually includes ad creation, demographic + location targeting, landing or sales pages, CRM integration, and email automation.

These proven techniques are how the largest and most successful businesses in the world reach their customers and grow their businesses.

Read on to learn a bit more about the specifics of how businesses just like yours are seeing incredible returns on their marketing budgets.

Sales Funnels &

Lead Generation

Sales Funnels and Lead Generation are essentially the same thing. Sales funnels refers to a broad strategy of digital marketing that converts strangers on the internet into money. Lead generation typically is utilized by service businesses looking to connect with potential clients by capturing their interest and their contact information, or by booking an appointment.

Digital Marketing

Everything from creating an offer, desigining an advertisement, and writing ad copy to be utilized on paid advertising platforms such as Google or Facebook to target your audience based on their unique buyer persona. Creating, maintaining, analyzing and optimizing an active marketing campaign is the most hands on part of the game.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are the money maker in the sales funnel. They complement your official website by driving your visitors to a specific call to action designed to work in conjunction with your digital ad. This is where your marketing dollars become sales, leads and appointments.

Marketing Automation

Email marketing on steroids. Design nearly custom experiences for each of your customers, nutrure leads, drive engagement, and convert more sales by implmenting automatic email sequences and by segmenting your customers.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the best strategies available for businesses who want to drive highly effective marketing campaigns. By postitioning yourself as a leader in your industry by producing valuable content for your target customers you will quickly see the effect on your conversion rates.

Social Media

A strong social media presence will build trust and reputation with your target market. When someone clicks your ad, they’ll want to see what you’re all about before buying your product or service. Have something to show them!

Maximizing Roi

We use robust analytics and reporting to study our demographic targeting, all while split testing our ad design, copy, and other metrics. We optimize each campaign so it actually improves over time giving you a better return for each dollar you spend.

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